Valentine’s Gift: Replace Criticisms with Requests

In addition to expressing your love and appreciation to your special Valentine, a great gift all year long is to kindly communicate your disappointments by requesting what you want from your partner rather than by being harshly critical and demanding.

Rather than saying “I can’t stand it when you don’t let me know you’re going to be late,” you might say “I feel concerned when you’re late.  In the future, please let me know if you will be more than a half hour late.”

Rather than saying “You never pick up your socks.  You’re such a slob,” you might say “I’m frustrated when I see your socks on the floor.  I’d appreciate it if you put them in the hamper in your closet.”

By being more considerate and encouraging, you may get more cooperation.  And hopefully, you may both experience a more loving connection with each other.

This is a Valentines Gift that keeps on giving!