Reducing Emotional Stress

The following are some books that can be helpful in Reducing Emotional Distress, Developing Resiliency, and Understanding Personality.

Abuse & Recovery from Childhood Trauma

Actually, It is Your Parents Fault by VanMunching & Katz
Adult Children of Abusive Parents by Farmer
Banished Knowledge by Miller
Breaking Down the Wall of Silence by Miller
Children of Trauma by Middleton Moz
Courage to Heal by Bass & Davis
The Emotional Incest Syndrome by Love
For Your Own Good by Miller
Freeing Your Mind From the Memories that Bind You by Littauer
Healing the Child Within by Whitfield
Homecoming by Bradshaw
I Only Say This Because I Love You by Tannen
Keeping Secrets by Somers
The Kiss by Harrison
Little Miss Perfect by LeBoutillier
Outgrowing the Pain by Gil
Reclaiming Our Lives by Poston & Lison
The Right to Innocence by Engel
Scared Silent (Video) by Winfrey
Self Parenting by Pollard
Strong at the Broken Places by Sanford
Thou Shall Not Be Aware by Miller
If You Had Controlling Parents by Neuharth

Abuse as an Adult

Battered Women by Walker
The Betrayal Bond by Carnes
Compelled to Control by Miller
Control Freak by Parrott
The Emotional Abused Woman by Engel
The Doormat Syndrome by Namka
Getting Free by NiCarthy
I Closed My Eyes by Weldon
Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt by Paul
Obsessive Love by Forward
The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Evans
Victory Over Verbal Abuse by Evans
When Love Goes Wrong by Jones & Schechter
Why Does He Do That? by Bancroft
You Can’t Say That To Me by Elgin
You Don’t Have To Take It Anymore by Stosny

Alcohol, Addiction & Recovery

Adult Children of Alcoholics by Woititz
Another Chance by Wegscheider
Alcohol by Tate
Alcoholics Anonymous by Alcoholics Anonymous
Getting Them Sober, Volumes I, II, & III by Drews
Rational Steps To Quitting Alcohol by Ellis & Velten
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions    by Alcoholics Anonymous

Anger Reduction

Anger: the Misunderstood Emotion by Tavris
Anger: How to Live With and Without It by Ellis
Dance of Anger by Lerner
Overcoming Frustration and Anger by Hauck
When Anger Hurts by McKay, Rogers & McKay

Anxiety and Stress Reduction (including Insomnia and Headache Reduction)

Anxiety and its Treatment by Greist, Jefferson & Marks
The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Bourne
Anxiety Disorders and Phobias by Beck
Beyond the Relaxation Response by Benson
Don't Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks by Wilson
Escape from Stress by Lamott
How to Control Your Anxiety Before It Controls You by Ellis
How to Sleep Better by Coates & Thorensen
The Inner Art of Meditation by Koerfield
Life Without Fear by Wolpe
Overcoming Worry and Fear by Hauck
Relaxation Response by Benson
Stress Without Distress by Selye
Stress Reduction (video cassette) by Miller
Taking the "Ouch" out of Headaches (audio cassettes) by Miller
Transforming Anxiety by Childre and Rozman


How to Stand Up for Yourself by Hauck
My Answer is No by Nanette
Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Back    by Alberti & Emmons
When I Say No, I Feel Guilty by Smith
Your Perfect Right by Alberti & Emmons

Borderline Personality Style

I Hate You - Don't Leave Me by Kreisman
Stop Walking on Eggshells by Mason & Kreger


Beyond Codependency by Beattie
Codependent No More by Beattie
Healing the Child Within by Whitfield
Learning to Love Yourself by Wegscheider-Cruse
Lost in the Shuffle by Subby
Recovery from Co-dependency by Weiss
Struggle for Intimacy by Woititz
Women Who Love Too Much by Norwood


Feeling Good by Burns
How to Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons by Ellis
How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything Yes Anything! by Ellis
I Can If I Want To by Lazarus
New Guide to Rational Living by Ellis
What to Say When You Talk To Your Self by Helmstetter
Your Erroneous Zones by Dyer

Death, Dying, Grief & Forgiveness

The Courage To Grieve by Tatelbaum
Forgiveness by Simon & Simon
How to Go on Living When Someone... by Rando
How to Survive the Loss of a Love by Colgrove, Bloomfield & McWilliams
Motherless Daughters by Edelman
Necessary Losses by Viorst
Who Dies? by Levine

Depression Reduction and Creating Happiness

A Brilliant Madness by Duke & Hochman
Darkness Visible by Styron
Feeling Good: New Mood Therapy by Burns
Feeling Good Handbook by Burns
I Don't Want To Talk About It by Real
Overcoming Depression by Hauck

Narcissism Personality Style

The Drama of the Gifted Child by Miller
Narcissism by Lowen
The Search for the Real Self by Masterson
Trapped in the Mirror    by Golomb
Why is it Always about You? by Hotchkiss

Obsessions, Compulsions and Hoarding

The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Washing by Rapoport
Buried in Treasures by Tolin & Frost & Steketee
Compulsive Hoarding by Frost and Steketee
Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding by Neziroglu & Bubrick & Yaryura-Tobias
Stop Obsessing! by Foa & Wilson

Personality Styles

New Personality Self-Portrait by Oldham & Morris
Please Understand Me by Keirsey & Bates

Positive Thinking & Creativity

Learned Optimism by Seligman
The Path of Least Resistance by Fritz
Positive Addiction by Glasser


Do It Now, How to Stop Procrastinating by Knaus
It's About Time! by Sapadin & Maguire

Self-Esteem & Self Acceptance

Advice from a Failure by Coudert
The Myth of Self-Worth by Franklin
Overcoming the Rating Game by Hauck
Revolution from Within by Steinem
Self-Esteem by McKay

Self-Improvement & Motivation

At a Journal Workshop by Progoff
Healing the Shame That Binds You by Bradshaw
How to Get Control of Time and Your Life by Lakein
Letting Go of Shame by Porter-Effron
Mind Power by Zilbergeld & Lazarus
Psycho-Cybernetics & Self-Fulfillment by Maltz
The Psychology of Winning by Waitley
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey
Shame and Guilt by Middleton-Moz
Unlimited Power by Robbins
What You Can Change...and What You Can't by Seligman


Anatomy of the Spirit (Audio Cassettes) by Myss
Care of the Soul by Moore
Love, Medicine & Miracles by Siegel
The Road Less Travelled by Peck
The Sacred Journey (Audio Cassettes) by Keen
Spiritual Madness (Audio Cassettes) by Myss