Marriage Counseling In Marietta, GA

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Marriage Counseling In Marietta, GA

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Struggling in Your Marriage and Not Sure Where to Turn?

I can help you mend broken fences and create a satisfying and sustainable marriage.

As a licensed psychologist with over 40 years of experience, I can assist you in learning about your individual unique strengths, developing the skills to reduce distress, friction, resentment, and bitterness, as well as jointly re-creating a cooperative, considerate and affectionate relationship.




I offer a combination of traditional counseling techniques and cutting-edge skills training that can help you: identify your strengths; create a vision of becoming a better partner; learn the skills to resolve the issues that have been causing conflict in your relationship; and therefore achieve a healthy and joyful marriage.

If you’re eager to get started on the path to a happier relationship, contact me today at 770-952-3308 to schedule a consultation to answer your questions and learn about therapy.

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Effective Marriage Counseling

Creating a sustaining loving relationship requires that couples consciously negotiate mutually agreeable expectations as well as make reasonable accommodations for each other.

When couples move from the fantasy phase of their relationships (in which they agree about most everything), and into the reality phase (in which they discover their differences and may have power struggles), they often may experience disillusionment and frustration.

For more information, read The Early Stage of Most Relationships and Creating and Sustaining Relationships.

How Does Marriage Counseling Work?

I can help you mend broken fences and create a satisfying and sustainable marriage.

The first step in marriage counseling is to call for an initial phone consultation at 770-952-3308. During this call, I will answer your questions about therapy and describe the therapeutic process. If you decide to proceed, we will schedule weekly 50-minute sessions.

Before your first session, you will complete two brief questionnaires (see Client Forms) about yourself, your relationship, and your goals. As you proceed, you’ll additionally complete some assessments about your relationship, your preferences, your personality, your emotional responses, and your health and lifestyle.


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These assessments will help me to better know you, your unique situation, and your hopes and desires for the future. You will then create roadmaps for each of the two of you to follow. I’ll then support each of you in healing from any previous hurtful experiences, in becoming a better partner, in improving the relationship, and in creating a more satisfying relationship.  I’ll encourage practicing your newly learned skills between sessions.

If you and your spouse are ready to take the steps necessary to build a stronger relationship, contact me today at 770-952-3308 so you can begin restoring joy in your relationship.

Call for a Free 20-Minute Consultation


Benefits Of Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling can potentially have great benefits for your relationship as well as your own personal health and well-being.  Dr. Joan Miller can help you:

  • Understand the assets and liabilities of you and your partner,
  • Identify and help you make accommodations for your different values and beliefs,
  • Identify sources of conflict, resentment, and mistrust, and help you heal,
  • Improve communication for resolving conflict and increasing intimacy,
  • Eliminate unhealthy habits and dysfunctional behaviors that harm your relationship,
  • Learn coping techniques and skills to build a better relationships,
  • Manage reactivity and develop techniques to constructively resolve differences,
  • Identify and resolve underlying issues like jealousy, lack of intimacy, co-dependency, infidelity, etc., and
  • Reduce frustration and promote joy and happiness in your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage Counseling

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that I hear couples asking about marriage counseling.

When both spouses are open to becoming the best partner they can be, marriage counseling can be very effective.  Counseling is designed to help spouses communicate more effectively, validate each other, take responsibility for their actions, decrease negative reactivity, resolve conflicts, increase affection, and build a stronger relationship. Research shows that married couples who participate in counseling are more likely to stay together than those who do not receive counseling.

Anyone who is unhappy in their relationship and is open to making the changes essential to creating a compassionate and respectful relationship can benefit from relationship counseling.  However, in most cases, it is necessary for both spouses to be in counseling together to simultaneously learn to reduce negative reactivity, improve communication, validate each other, negotiate, resolve differences and make accommodations for each other.

Costs vary depending on the therapist’s education, experience, and location.  The average cost of marriage counseling in Georgia ranges from about $85 to $350 per 50-minute session.

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Meet Dr. Joan Miller

"I'm passionate about helping couples and individuals increase their happiness. I look forward to helping you clarify your issues, make healthier decisions, improve your relationships, and take positive actions to create a loving and fulfilling relationship.”  - Joan Miller Ph.D.

Dr. Miller has practiced as a Licensed Psychologist in Marietta, GA for over 40 years. During that time, she has assisted hundreds of individuals and couples to overcome adversity, reduce distress, improve their relationships, learn better coping strategies, make healthier decisions, and take positive action to create more satisfying lives.

For more information about Dr. Miller, read Dr. Joan Miller’s Background. For information about her practice (including directions to the office), read Practice Information.

You’ll find useful articles and books under the Self-Help section. For answers to general questions about therapy, read the FAQ section.

Other Counseling Services by Dr. Miller in Cobb County

couples and premarital counseling marietta ga

Couples and Premarital Counseling

Dr. Joan Miller can help couples understand the predictable stages of the development of a relationship, including the ecstasy of “Falling in Love” and the inevitable disillusionment of “Falling out of Love.”  She can also support couples to create a satisfying and sustainable relationship by: becoming more considerate of each other; communicating more effectively; resolving their problems; making appropriate accommodations; creating more emotional and physical intimacy; and developing a vision for their future.

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Individual Counseling

For individuals who are struggling with issues such as frustration, anxiety, irritation, depression, or relationship issues, Dr. Joan Miller provides a supportive environment where individuals can understand themselves better, improve their relationships with themselves, overcome adversity, reduce distress, learn more effective coping skills, clarify their goals, improve their relationships, improve their relationships with others, make positive changes in their lives, and have more enjoyment. 

Searching For Couples and Marriage Counselors Near Me?

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My office is located in the Doctors' Building at 2520 Windy Hill Road, Suite 106, Marietta, GA 30067. This building is located to the right of the WellStar Windy Hill Hospital, one mile north of I-285, 1/2 mile west of I-75, and one mile east of Highway 41 (Cobb Parkway). Click Here For Directions.