The Early Stage of Most Relationships

early stages of a relationship

Many relationships begin with lots of laughter, romantic dinners, unexpected gifts, and a great deal of passion. If the relationship deepens, the couple may notice that their feeling of affection and sexuality become more intense as they become focused on each other. They may cherish the idea that their lover adores them all of the…

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Valentine’s Gift: Replace Criticisms with Requests

In addition to expressing your love and appreciation to your special Valentine, a great gift all year long is to kindly communicate your disappointments by requesting what you want from your partner rather than by being harshly critical and demanding. Rather than saying “I can’t stand it when you don’t let me know you’re going…

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Enriching your Marriage through the Holidays

Unfortunately, Holidays can be stressful for individuals as well as couples.   The added tension may lead to feelings of disappointment and frustration rather than joy and happiness. In a marriage, either of you may have unattainable expectations.   You may dread the extra tasks and/or the financial burden that comes with the season.  One of…

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Five Warning Signs That You Need Marriage Counseling

marriage counseling marietta 5 signs

Have you thought that you may need marriage counseling? On their wedding day, most couples expect to “Live Happily Ever After” simply because they love each other.  However, within a short time after the Honeymoon is over, most couples notice that their love has dwindled. They are confused about what has happened. They feel disillusioned…

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Balancing Independence and Connection in Relationships

Healthy committed relationships have a balance between being appropriately autonomous at times and having significant connections at other times. In one extreme, some people may be so extremely independent and self-sufficient that they barely interact with each other.  This often happens when individuals significantly focus on their careers, their children, a hobby, and/or maintaining their…

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From Passion to Compassion

Many people fall in love with someone who will love them rather than to give love to someone else.  “I love you” often means “I feel good that you love me.” In the Passionate Fantasy phase at the beginning of a relationship, it doesn’t seem to matter what the components of loving are, because you…

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