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Balancing Independence and Connection in Relationships

Healthy committed relationships have a balance between being appropriately autonomous at times and having significant connections at other times. In one extreme, some people may be so extremely independent and self-sufficient that they barely interact with each other.  This often happens when individuals significantly focus on their careers, their children, a hobby, and/or maintaining their…

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Venture Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many people choose to live most of their lives only in their “Comfort Zone.”  Their lives are dictated by routine and familiar activities.  Some folks rarely take any risks.  Others may not go exploring because they fear they may not like the adventure and/or that they will get lost.  Other people may avoid learning a…

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Limit Your Intake of Caffeine

Caffeine effects how you feel mentally and emotionally – both positively and negatively. Most people drink it to feel more alert (because it is a stimulant). However, caffeine might also cause you to feel jittery and anxious. If you suffer from chronic pain, the caffeine may increase your experience of pain. Although caffeine might lessen…

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Stop “Trying”

Sam asked Alice, “Would you please get your medical receipts together so I can finish the taxes?”   Alice said, “I’ll try to get to it this weekend.”   By the next week, Sam noticed Alice hadn’t gotten the receipts to him.  When he asked her about it, Alice said, “But I did try.  I just didn’t…

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From Passion to Compassion

Many people fall in love with someone who will love them rather than to give love to someone else.  “I love you” often means “I feel good that you love me.” In the Passionate Fantasy phase at the beginning of a relationship, it doesn’t seem to matter what the components of loving are, because you…

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