Looking for Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling in Marietta, Georgia?

Let Us Help You Save Your Relationship and Find Happiness!

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Looking for Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling in Marietta, Georgia?

Let Us Help You Save Your Relationship and Find Happiness!

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Effective Marriage and Couples Counseling In Marietta, GA

Do you want a more satisfying relationship? Couples therapy and marriage counseling in Marietta, GA can help.

Creating a sustaining loving relationship requires couples to consciously negotiate mutually agreeable expectations as well as make reasonable accommodations for each other. When couples move from the fantasy phase of their relationships (in which they agree about most everything), and into the reality phase (in which they discover their differences and may have power struggles), they often may experience disillusionment and frustration.

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Dr. Miller is an individual and couple's psychotherapist in Marietta, GA.  For more information about her, read Dr. Joan Miller's Background.

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Individual Counseling, Marietta, GA

Are you distressed?

Through learning more effective coping strategies, I can help you reduce your loneliness, your anxiety, your frustrations, and your irritation.

I can help you lessen your codependency and self-defeating choices, and become more independent, happy, and confident.

For more information, read about the Individual Counseling Service.

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"I look forward to helping you clarify your issues, make healthier decisions, improve your relationships, and take positive actions to create a happy and satisfying life." - Joan Miller Ph.D

For more information about Dr. Miller, read Dr. Joan Miller's Background.  For information about her practice (including directions to the office), read  Practice Information.


You will find useful articles and books under Self-Help Materials.  For answers to general questions about therapy, read Frequently Asked Questions.


Before coming to your first appointment, fill out the forms listed under Client Forms.   This will include a history form as well as a relationship questionnaire for couples.  Please also read over the Privacy Information and sign the Client Agreement.  

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Is Individual, Couples and Marriage Counseling Effective?

Generally speaking, about two out of three clients report that, because of their counseling, they feel better about themselves, and are more confident that they can handle their problems.  Some factors that may contribute to the effectiveness of couples therapy and marriage counseling in Marietta, GA include: the expectations and desires of each client; the therapeutic relationship with the therapist; the competence of the therapist; the strategies learned; the investment of the client in applying therapeutic principles; the experience of making healthy decisions and positive changes;  and the length of therapy.


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In couple's therapy, the additional components in the determination of effectiveness are whether both partners become aligned in their expectations and desires, and that they work together to create an improved relationship.  This process usually includes each partner becoming accountable for the participation in the relationship, becoming more considerate and wise in the interactions, managing reactivity, learning constructive strategies to resolve differences, and collaborating with each other to create the changes necessary to achieve the desired outcome.


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Whether individual or couple's counseling, my aim is usually to: collaborate with the clients to help them identify and set realistic goals; guide clients in improving their communication; help clients resolve issues and differences with others; teach effective coping strategies,  support clients in making healthy decisions; and encourage clients to stay focused on taking the positive action to achieve their goals.


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My office is located in the Doctors' Building at 2520 Windy Hill Road, Suite 106, Marietta, GA 30067. This building is located to the right of the WellStar Windy Hill Hospital, one mile north of I-285, 1/2 mile west of I-75, and one mile east of Highway 41 (Cobb Parkway). Click Here For Directions.